naruto tailed-fox

this is an rpg about naruto this is the best naruto rpg you will ever find and by best a mean the best out of all rpgs ever 1st to post in a village or clan office will be the leader
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Character sheet

 Jutsu : 8 Trigrams Mega Wind Palm,Lighting Style:Lighting Bolt,Earth Style:Earthly Rock Blizzard,Fire Style;Twin Rising Dragons,Fire Style:Ember Shot8 Trigrams Circular Shield,Chakra Wave Kick,Fire Style:Ember Shot,Evolved Byakugan Lvl 1-3,8 Trigrams Parylazing Palm
 Health :
 Chakra :
Cepeda Hyuuga
Rank: Evolved Hyuuga Branch Founder/Anbu/Hyuuga Member
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